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Safe, Effective Root Canals in Thornhill, ON

If you want more information on root canals in Thornhill, ON and surrounding areas, you’ve come to the right place. Melnyk Dentistry is a leading dental practice with over 25 years of providing patients with safe, efficient dental procedures. Trust us to offer helpful information and perform treatments with the highest level of care and attention.

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What Is a Root Canal?

A root canal (or endodontic therapy) is a procedure where dentists remove bacteria buildup from a tooth’s nerve chamber or pulp. Common reasons for needing a root canal include severe tooth decay, chipping or damage.

Procedures begin with dentists administering a local anesthetic to numb the patient. A small incision is made at the top of the affected tooth after the patient is appropriately numb. The dentist enters through the incision and thoroughly cleans and reshapes the tooth’s interior, completely removing bacteria. After treatment, a temporary filling is placed inside the tooth, followed by a more permanent crown to seal the tooth shut.

How Will a Root Canal Help Me?

Many patients hesitate when their dentist recommends a root canal. However, root canals are a safe, routine procedure that can end your tooth pain and restore your chewing and smile. A root canal offers patients much relief, including:

Pain Relief

Say goodbye to constant excruciating pain and suffering. Your teeth aches and pains will disappear forever after recovery.

Prevents Infection

Your dentist scrapes and scrubs bacteria buildup from the affected tooth, eliminating infection spread.

Repaired Chewing

Root canals restore your ability to bite and chew, eliminating discomfort and difficulty so you can eat food like usual again.

A Healthy Teeth Set

Root canals protect your other teeth, too. Root canals alleviate strain and stress on your other teeth, so they function with your new repair.

A Full Smile

A root canal removes bacteria from your tooth instead of extracting it. Root canals repair your tooth while keeping it intact.

Clean and Sterilized Procedures

Your safety is a top priority. Our root canal procedures are performed with sterile tools and equipment to keep you secure, comfortable and confident from beginning to end. Contact us today to schedule and receive a clean root canal.

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