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General Dentistry in Toronto, ON

Do you need a reliable dental practitioner to serve you and your family? If so, contact Melnyk Dentistry to receive experienced general dentistry in Toronto, ON and surrounding areas. Dr. Melknyk and his team have spent over 25 years caring for, healing and restoring smiles. We offer our knowledge and friendly attitude to every procedure and patient, ensuring you walk away with a beautiful, healthy and confident smile.

Our Services

Visiting your dentist every six months is crucial to maintaining your oral health. Twice annual checkups help dentists evaluate your oral health condition and detect any concerns such as decay, bacterial buildup and damaged teeth. Our dentist provides routine and emergency services for individuals, families and children to heal teeth, alleviate your pain and enhance oral health. Our dentist provides below routine and emergency services

Taking Care of You and Your Family

Tooth decay, cavities and bacteria are no match for Dr. Melnyk. Set up an appointment for you, your family or your children with Dr. Melnyk and our team, and we’ll evaluate your oral health and devise a customized treatment suitable for your oral health needs.

Call Us Today to Schedule Your Appointment!